Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hi all, here are some pictures from my camera. I defined 'group' as 5 or more people. :)

Welcome dinner at Director's apartment
Colosseum First group gelato run
Dinner in Trastevere
Soccer game
Santa Maria in Aracoeli
Dinner at Za-Za's our first night Florence

On the Ponte Vecchio (Florence)

Dinner at San Spirito (Florence)
Waiting at the leather jacket store (Florence)

On one of the many bridges in Venice
Before our 50 cent "gondola " ride (Venice)
Enjoying cheap gelato in Venice
Dinner in Venice
About half the ladies on Castel Sant'Angelo
Boys (meno Henry) on top of Castel Sant'Angelo
Castel Sant' AngeloWine tasting (Orvieto)
Waiting for lunch in OrvietoBefore entering the Villa Borghese

On Mindy's birthday
Before our private Sistine Chapel visitAt Hostaria Dino & Tony
The green people at St. Peter's square

Friday, August 3, 2007

Ah Roma!

Stay tuned for fun pictures of the Honors students
(and some of the professors too!)

Shawn dealing with tardy students!

Lisa meets the cardinals!